SuperGreen TONIK Premium Vegan Greens Powder

Daily Nutritional Protection

A blend of 38 authentic superfoods, vitamins, and minerals that gives you the energy to thrive, making the impossible possible

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365 day money-back guarantee 365-day money-back guarantee 100% natural No additives No added sugar 3rd party tested

A Better You In 7 Areas

Super Green TONIK Is the world's FIRST optimized 7-in-1 formula.

More energy

More Energy

Imagine having increased strength and energy to thrive in the daily challenges life throws at you.

Increased focus and concentration

Increased focus & concentration

Whether writing a report, studying for exams, or playing a sport, supercharge your brain, increase your productivity and performance.

Reduced anxiety

Reduced anxiety

Life can be a real struggle at times. Feel less stress and anxiety and live life in the moment.

Scoop of supergreen tonik
Improved memory and recall

Improved Memory & Recall

Is your memory failing you? Brain nutrients optimised for aiding memory and recall when you most need it.

Better sleep

Better Sleep

Easily recharge your batteries. Get higher quality, deep sleep for a rested mind and body.

Increased health and well-being

Increased health

Treat your body like a temple; you only get one. Studies show, the healthier you look, the better you feel.

Boosted immune system

Boosted immune system

Constantly sick? Always feeling exhausted? Fortify your body's defenses and strengthens your immune system.

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Upgrade Your Daily Life

Super Green TONIK contains 38 ingredients that are your ticket to a healthier, more energetic & vibrant you. There are many benefits to a daily serving:

breeze through your day

Stamina to breeze through your day

Modern living demands a lot from your mind and body. SuperGreen TONIK contains 16 superfoods that give you the stamina you need to breeze through your daily activities without feeling exhausted.

Energy for the things that matter

Energy for the things that matter

Never tell your little monsters, "Sorry, I'm too tired" again. Having extra energy allows you to take up a sport, find a new hobby, and gives you energy for the things that really matter.

Mental clarity to conquer the world

Mental clarity to conquer the world

Whether it's a report that your boss needed yesterday, or you're a thriving entrepreneur, give yourself the edge and have the mental clarity to conquer the world.

Feel amazing

Feel amazing

Sick of feeling tired and stressed? SuperGreen TONIK will transform your mind, body, and soul. Become immune to stress, feel amazing and start enjoying life's pleasures.

Increased Well being

Increased well-being & Longevity

Every ingredient has been carefully chosen and, when combined, provides your body with the essential nutrients, it needs. Quite simply, we've upgraded your life.

Fortified immune system

Fortified immune system

Scientifically proven ingredients like Ginko and Olive Leaf keep your immune system robust and protect you from harmful bacteria that wreak havoc.

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Grams of Protein


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Would you take a greens drink that hides its formula?
Neither would we!

We firmly believe you deserve to know exactly what's in your greens drink. That's why we never use proprietary blends that hide dosages

🌿 Vitamins and superfoods to boost your energy
🍃 All-natural, transparent ingredients so you know what you are drinking
🧠 Improved mental clarity & focus

ORGANIC Greens Blend (7,500mg)

Six of the most nutritious greens on the planet. Ingredients such as chlorella, spirulina, and kale are scientifically proven to reduce stress and lower blood pressure while improving your cholesterol and fight disease.

Brain Blend (1,800mg)

Using five scientifically proven ingredients, our "Brain Blend" is designed to relieve stress and anxiety while improving your concentration and focus.

Immune Blend (1,000mg)

Our "Immune Blend" contains ingredients including Garlic Bulb and Olive Leaf that are known to have antiviral properties that boost your immune system, keeping those nasty viruses away.

Vitamins / Minerals

Every scoop of SuperGreen TONIK has 22 vitamins and minerals that are essential to your health and well-being. In fact, our formula contains more vitamins and minerals than many of the best multi-vitamins out there.

Natural Flavor

We spent nearly two years developing the refreshing minty taste of SuperGreen TONIK. Here's the best part, though; we use natural stevia leaf, meaning you can enjoy all the benefits of a great-tasting drink without the sugar.

Absolutely NO PROPRIETARY () formulas

We pride ourselves on full transparency and provide the exact dosages for each ingredient on the label. This is why we stand by our claim of being one of the best-powdered greens on the market.

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Health Has Never Tasted THIS Good

Let's face it: Superfood drinks rarely taste good, but not anymore.

After 2 years of research, the team at SuperGreen TONIK has developed a superfood drink that uses natural stevia leaf, creating a drink that tastes great without the empty calories.

1,000's of our customers can't be wrong?

Staying healthy just got easier: Mix it with water or your favorite juice and enjoy the delicate and refreshing minty taste.

Why wait? In less than 10 seconds a day, you can set your body on the path to transformation.

Preparing SuperGreen TONIK
Tiffany Testimonial

I was surprised as it’s absolutely delicious. I’ve been experiencing more energy throughout the day and I sleep better at night. †

- Tiffany, USA

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Ready In 10 Seconds Flat

Busy? You no longer need to put your health on hold

Green Tonik instructions

Whether it's picking the kids up from school, working a full-time job, or fitting in your daily workout, life can be tiring.

Many of us are constantly busy, always feeling tired, or simply don't have time to cook a healthy meal for the family.

With SuperGreen TONIK, there's no need to waste valuable time preparing anymore; In one scoop a day, you and your family can go from feeling exhausted and frustrated to feeling energetic and positive.

38 scientifically proven ingredients provide you with more energy and stamina, improved sleep quality, reduced stress, and a boosted immune system.

Start thriving today and put an end to the struggles; there's no excuses anymore.

Preparing Green Tonik
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Not a subscription | Guaranteed 365 days * | 🔒 Secure Checkout

Join Thousands Of Raving fans

Thousands in the USA and around the world are experiencing renewed energy, improved mental performance, immune support and better health.

Frank Testimonial

" Haven't been sick "

Love this green TONIK! Been drinking every day for two months and I feel great. Haven’t been sick while everyone around me has come down with a cold. I drink it first thing in the morning and I can feel the energy it gives me right of the bat. Feels great to know I’m starting off my day with the best for my body. †

– Frank, USA

Robin Testimonial

" Mental clarity working wonders "

Love these greens! I've tried many and this is my favorite! Best taste of all... Who doesn’t like minty lemonade? Stands out with all of the ingredients for mental clarity working wonderfully for me! Even energy throughout the day and I can’t remember the last time I was sick! †

– Robin, USA

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† Results may vary from person to person

2-Years Making SuperGreen TONIK: Meet Adam

Founder of SuperGreen TONIK

Founder & CEO, Ex-Triathlete, CFS Sufferer
Sports Science Bsc (First Class Honours)

Meet The Team

Hi, Adam here,

I’ve been suffering from Chronic fatigue syndrome and brain fog ever since my teen years. While I could power through it all for a while (I can be a pretty stubborn guy, I admit), I've met my match a few years ago when my wife gave birth to two children.

I couldn't bear the idea of them growing up and not having the energy to witness it all. This led me to search for how I could regain my energy without having to actually time travel.

I researched over 40 supplements, over 60 ingredients and worked with a team of nutritionists in the USA.

SuperGreen TONIK is the result of 2 years of effort testing and researching effective ingredients until my team of nutritionists and I felt confident we got "the" formula that boosts your metal capcacity, increases your energy, protects your immune system, and calms your anxiety.

And just between me and you, it took 4 months to get the taste that our clients can't get enough of.


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