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Say Goodbye to Chronic Colds, Energy Slumps and Brain Fog

"I get more energy and don't get as tired during the day." - Ryan, USA

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A Daily Tonik Invigorates You with...


Get your daily minimum of nutrients in one scoop and a glass of water


Sleep through the night, wake up feeling rested, and feel mentally sharper


Feel more energised throughout the day, improve your resiliance and get sick less


Drink Daily for Better...

Fight off flu and colds with a stronger immune system

Supergeen Tonik is your nutritional insurance giving you optimal dosages protecting against diseases such as heart health and a weakened immune system.

Our Immune-Boosting Nutrients:

  • GARLIC -
    Protects + Supports T-Cell Production
    Source Of Antioxidants + Protects Against Viruses
    Protects The Body + Eliminates Free Radicals
    Helps Produce White Blood Cells + Eliminate Free Radicals
  • ZINC -
    Protects The Cell Walls + Stops Virus Replication

More energy to thrive in the daily challenges life throws at you

When it comes to boosting energy levels, your morning coffee just won't cut it. Exercise, relaxation, and recovery all play a role, but the biggest factor is nutrition.

Our Energy-Boosting Nutrients:

    Packed With Magnesium For Energy Metabolism
    Supports Energy Production + Boosts Iron Absorption
  • IRON -
    Provides The Brain And Body With Oxygen
    Converts Food Into Usable Energy

Supercharge your brain, increase your productivity and mental performance

We recognize the struggles people face daily. We endeavor to see you develop, succeed, and find your instincts to become better. Using nutrition as a motivator to improve brain function has been the cornerstone of our philosophy right from the start.

Our superfood supplement provides you with the power and mental clarity to make emphatic transformations in yourself and those around you.

Our Brain-Boosting Nutrients:

    Brain Enhancing Properties + Improved Task Performance
    Improves Cognitive Function + Increases Rate Of Learning
    Boost Energy + Improves Cognitive Function
    Improves Cognitive Function + Improves Emotional State

Get better quality, deep sleep for a rested mind and body

Sleep is a complex beast at the best of times. It's incredible how something simple yet fundamental to quality of life is so tricky to master.

Exercise, work schedule, and cell phone use are just some of the factors that hurt sleep quality. Improving sleep quality has knock-on effects on other areas in your life, such as boosting productivity and increasing your energy.

Our Sleep-Enhancing Nutrients:

    Stress Buster + Faster Sleep Times
    Balances The Body + Improves Sleep
    Boosts GABA + Improved Sleep
    Stress Buster + Improved Sleep
    Quality Sleep + Improved Digestion

Reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and worry, feel more relaxed

With today's fast-paced lifestyle, it's easy to forget the role nutrition plays in our mental health.

Recent developments in research fields such as nutritional psychiatry have shown how eating a diet lacking in essential nutrients can lead to increased stress, poor sleep quality, and depression, leaving you feeling down and out.

Our Anxiety-Enhancing Nutrients:

    Regulates Emotion + Lowers Blood Pressure
    Boosts Mood + Lowers Cortisol
    Reduces Stress + Anxiety
    High Levels Of Magnesium + Supports Dopamine Production
    High Levels Of Tryptophan + Protein + Vitamin B-12

Increased longevity by improving cholesterol and cardiovascular health

Staying healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally all contribute to your overall health and well-being.

Self-esteem and a positive attitude are integral to not only your life but also those around you.

Our Health and Well-being Ingredients:

    Boost Immunity + Younger Looking Skin
  • VITAMIN B-12 -
    Increases Mood + Bone Health
    Improves Eye Sight + Helps Cell Growth
  • ZINC -
    Overall Health + Improves Digestion + Increases Metabolism
    High Nutrient Count + Low In Calories
Glass of Supergreen Tonik next to the tub

Feeling Great is as Easy as...

Step 1

Take one scoop into glass or water

Take one scoop into a glass or shaker

Step 2

Mix with cold water

Mix with cold water or your favorite smoothie

Step 3

Drink daily to feel great

Drink daily to start feeling great

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Raw Superfoods, Adaptogens, and Nutrients in Dosages You Can Actually Read

Supergreens and adaptogen within Supergreen Tonik tub

Clinically Effective Dosages. All Shown

Most greens supplements, multivitamin gummies, and capsules list dozens of ingredients...then underdose key nutrients and use fillers to plug the gaps.

They're not upfront with the dosages you’re drinking, which means you don’t know if you’re getting the promised benefits.

Supergreen Tonik is different.

We blend "Premium Raw Ingredients" in the correct dosages your body needs to absorb and benefit from them.

We will always show you the exact measurement of each dosage, so you can check for yourself. It is our guarrante we will never leave you guessing.

Full Transparency: know what you're putting in your body and your brain

NO proprietary blends.
NO fillers.
Absolutely NO BS.

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1-year money-back guarantee *

Supergreen Tonik Difference



Full Disclosure Labeling


Full Dosages


Science-Backed Ingredients


Supports Focus & Cognition


3rd-party Tested


Supports Immunity


Money-back Guarantee

1-year< 90 days


/ˈtänik/ a feeling of vigor or well-being.

Adam Story

The Human Behind the Tonik

Adam Wright was a competitive triathlete until Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) which caused debilitating brain fog, muscle weakness and constant illness.

He needed 10–12 hours of sleep just to get through the day!

After trying almost 100 different greens & nutritional products without success, Adam knew he had to develop his own if he wanted to break the cycle of illness, recovery and illness again.

One Tonik Is...


No juicers, mixers, blenders, or bottles necessary. Easily mix a scoop with 12oz of cold water, drink, and you’ve met your daily requirement for nutrients!


Fresh mint or berry flavor with a creamy foam and smooth texture after shaking.


The optimal blend of 38 plant-based superfoods, adaptogens, and nutrients for better energy, immunity, focus, and overall health

Be Invigorated Now
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Feel Invigorated

Powerful body & mind fuel to help you think sharper and feel your best

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Scooping SGT into glass


What Humans Are Saying:

John Testimonial

"I can’t believe how much better I feel after less than a month. My arthritis pain has diminished at least 75%! I'm sleeping better and dreaming almost every night. I’ve been sharing my experience with friends and family in the hope they will give it a try too." †

- John, USA

Carey Testimonial

"I am a very passionate ultra endurance cyclist who is also trying out the ultra running. I thrash my body pretty darn good, and now with my age and having gone through menopause, recovery is so much more important. SuperGreen Tonik is vital in that recovery." †

- Carey, USA

 Ryan Testimonial

"I am a biochemist so I know a lot about nutrition and health...I take [ SuperGreen Tonik ] every day to stay healthy. I feel I get more energy and don’t get as tired during the day." †

- Ryan, USA

Daniel Testimonial

"After trying many green powders I finally found one that has great taste while having a solid nutritional profile. I’m a big fan of nootropics and it was great to see that Supergreen Tonic added them to their formula. I would give Supergreen Tonik 6 stars if I could!" †

- Daniel, USA

† Results may vary from person to person

Reclaim your Energy, Immunity, and Sleep - Without the BS!

Choose your Flavor:

"I'm full of energy and mental clarity. I regularly gift it to family and friends. Health = Wealth" - Glenn, USA


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Made in the USA

Supergreen Tonik FAQs

What is Supergreen Tonik?

Supergreen Tonik is a superfood and adaptogen powder that combines 16 evidence-backed ingredients in clinically proven dosages to support complete body and brain health.

What makes Supergreen Tonik different to other greens powders?

Many of our competitors underdose the key ingredients in their formulas and hide them in proprietary blends. We want our customers to know exactly what they are consuming, so we insist on using fully transparent labeling.

All our ingredients are in clinically proven dosages with real science to support the benefits.

What does Supergreen Tonik taste like?

We have two natural flavors; Mint and Berry. Both have a small amount of stevia leaf to offset the bitterness of the greens in the formula.

Our natural berry flavor is a mixture of berries. Fans of mint and peppermint will enjoy the freshness of the mint flavor.

We have a special mint + berry bundle if you're unsure which flavor to try!

Is Supergreen Tonik vegan?

Yes, we ensure all our ingredients are vegan.

I am pregnant can I take Supergreen Tonik?

Generally we recommend not taking our supplement unless you have spoken directly with your doctor and shown our full ingredient label to them. We include all the ingredients and their individual amounts on the label and so your medical doctor can advise if this is suitable for you.

Our 1-Year Guarantee

The ONLY greens supplement guarantee of its kind.

Try Supergreen Tonik for up to 365 days and see how you feel.

If you don't love it, you’ll get your money back. *

No questions, no hassle.

Ready to Thrive?

Just one scoop a day; No more shopping, blending, and messy clean-up


1-year money-back guarantee *