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Supergreen Tonik + Red Tonik set

Supergreen Tonik + Red Tonik

Supports immune system, promotes cardiovascular health, cognitive function, and packed full of antioxidants.

Scientifically dosed ingredients in a fully disclosed label (no proprietary blends in sight!) - so you know EXACTLY what you're taking!

The ultimate Greens & Reds Superfoods Bundle

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supergreen Tonik Tub on green background

Supergreen Tonik

Say Goodbye to Chronic Colds, Energy Slumps and Brain Fog

The optimal blend of 38 plant-based superfoods, adaptogens, and nutrients for better energy, immunity, focus, and overall health.

  • 38 Superfoods, Adaptogens, Vitamins, And Minerals
  • Available in Mint or Berry Flavor
  • Scientifically dosed ingredients
  • 3rd-party tested with Eurofins
  • 1-year money-back guarantee
Red tonik tub on red backgorund

Red Tonik

Bursting with 13 Superfoods and Adaptogens for Better Endurance, Cardio, and Circulation

Your daily tonik of antioxidant rich berries and scientifically dosed beets and cordyceps mushroom in our super reds drink that raises the bar.

  • 13 Superfoods, Adaptogens, and antixoidant-rich berries
  • Fresh cranberry & mixed berries flavor
  • Scientifically dosed ingredients
  • 3rd-party tested with Eurofins
  • 1-year money-back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Green and Red Tonik's?

The reds are designed for cardiovascular health/performance and provide a fantastic dose of antioxidants. The beets and berries inside Red Tonik formula help with heart health, improve blood flow and reduce inflammation in the body.

Our greens supplement has powdered greens and adaptogens, as well as brain nutrients for improving concentration and longer-term brain health, alongside proven immune ingredients.

When should I take the Green and Red Tonik's?

We developed the reds to be an excellent choice for combining with the greens, or they can simply be taken separately throughout the day.

You can stack both Reds and Greens together at the same time. Alternatively you can take our greens in the morning and reds in the afternoon. Or, if you're fasting then you take them both during your feeding window..

Can I mix the Green and Red Tonik's?

It is possible to mix both the greens and reds powder to consume at the sametime. The taste will depend on the flavor of the Supergreen Tonik used. The best combination would be to mix the berry Supergreen Tonik with the Red Tonik.

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John Testimonial

"Arthritis pain has diminished!"

I can’t believe how much better I feel after less than a month. My arthritis pain has diminished at least 75%! I'm sleeping better and dreaming almost every night. I’ve been sharing my experience with friends and family in the hope they will give it a try too †

– John, USA

Daniel Testimonial

"Calm clarity and overall good feeling"

After trying many green powders I finally found one that has great taste while having a solid nutritional profile. I’m a big fan of nootropics and it was great to see that Supergreen Tonic added them to their formula. I would give Supergreen Tonik 6 stars if I could! †

– Daniel, USA

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1-year money-back guarantee *