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Are Green Powders safe during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, a woman’s macro and micronutrient intake needs to be increased significantly (1). Although it’s necessary to increase both types of nutrient, the intake of micronutrients need to increase the most, and this is what green powders focus on. Therefore, it’s natural to look into greens powders. However, even though green powders are a… Read more

Does a Limitless Pill (NZT-48) Really Exist?

Back in 2011, a movie called Limitless was brought to our screens, and the nootropics market grew overnight due to the demand. The movie starred Bradley Cooper and the basis of the movie surrounding nootropics. Cooper’s character, Eddie, was a struggling writer, who began taking the NZT-48 Limitless pill, and turned into a sensation at… Read more

Green Powders for Keto Diet

With such a variety of diets occurring in this day and age, no one expects you to know what each diet contains and what the benefits and possible side effects could be. So, before we rush into what kind of relationship Green Powders can have with Keto Diets, let’s look at what the Keto Diet… Read more

Can Green Powders give you Diarrhea?

It’s not uncommon knowledge that some supplements can cause diarrhea, but do Green Powders also have this annoying side effect? We are here to give you the low-down on the links between Green Powders and diarrhea – what the ingredients are that could give you this side effect and who could be the most susceptible… Read more

Can Green Powders Give You Wings?

In this crazily busy, modern world that we all live in nowadays, we are always looking for the nearest energy boost. The majority of us live fast-paced lives where we end up feeling like we don’t have time to concentrate fully on our diets and wellbeing. We are normally just looking for the easiest way… Read more

Can Green Gummies Ever Deliver the Goods?

Green gummies are one of the newest products in the health and wellbeing market. They have grown in popularity tenfold recently, especially due to the advertisements on social media from celebrities and influencers. Although green gummies are relatively new, gummy supplements for things like vitamins and probiotics have been around for a while. But, just… Read more

Can Green Powders Boost Alkaline Body pH?

Alkaline diets have been talked about so much recently, and they seem to be the new wellbeing and health ‘hype’. However, we are and have always been interested in the pH of our bodies – we all learned about the pH system in science classes, didn’t we? We have done extensive research into alkalinity and… Read more

Why You Should Never Buy Supplements from Amazon or eBay

It’s now easier than ever to buy pretty much whatever we want or need from the internet. This clearly comes with its benefits – we don’t even have to leave the house to purchase the things we need! The problem occurs when it comes to buying supplements online. The health and wellbeing market has grown… Read more

Why You Should Consider Super Greens Drinks Instead of Coffee

Coffee is a highly contested substance – some say that it helps you to lose weight (1) and others say it is linked to early death and infertility (2). No matter how we individually feel about it, the majority of us probably drink a cup or two a day or have done in the past…. Read more

Fighting Inflammation with Super Green Powders

Inflammation is a vital part of the body’s immune system. It occurs when the human body recognizes a foreign organism, such as microbes, viruses or bacteria. It is the body’s defense mechanism that serves to protect your health from threats. However, inflammation can persist even when there are no foreign invaders present. When the inflammation… Read more

7 Tasty Twists to Spice Up Any Super Green Supplement

Super greens have been racking up an impressive reputation in the supplements world. The idea of a powder that’s power-packed with vegetable nutrients, digestive enzymes, and probiotics is no doubt appealing. But the mish-mash of ingredients doesn’t exactly sound too palatable and unfortunately, some super greens can taste downright bad. The good thing is we… Read more

How Super Greens Can Power You Through Weight Loss

Losing weight is never fun, but the multitude of supplements available these days can really make the process so much easier. For the longest time, weight loss pills that aid in reducing appetite and speeding up metabolic rates have been all the craze. But for some of us who have lived through the pain to… Read more

Can Barley Grass be Gluten-Free?

Gluten can be found in certain types of grains, including rye and wheatgrass. Most people wouldn’t be surprised to know that barley is also on the list. But many people would be taken aback to see a “gluten-free” label on a product that contains barley. How is that even possible? Let us clear your doubts… Read more

Say “Yes” to Super Greens and Goodbye to Bloating

You know that awful feeling midway through the day when that dress or top that looked cute in the morning suddenly seems a little too tight? Of course, you didn’t magically put on weight during the day — you probably already know that midday tummy swells are usually caused by bloating, and this is often… Read more

Rhodiola Rosea Keep Calm and Carry On

Despite its’ exotic-sounding name that could come right out of a classical Middle Eastern poem, you may have heard of Rhodiola Rosea without even realizing it! It goes by many different names, such as Arctic Root, Golden Root, Orpin Rose, and perhaps most commonly, Rose Root or Rose Root Extract. If you haven’t guessed, the… Read more

Ginkgo Biloba and its Brain-Boosting Properties Could Be What You Need

When living fossils are mentioned, most people think of ancient animals that lived in prehistoric times, such as crocodiles or sharks. But what if we told you that there’s another kind of “living fossil”, one that has existed for about 270 million years, is the last of its order, and yet is still thriving more… Read more

How are Super Greens Powders Made?

Super green supplements — we know so little about them, yet we are so willing to consume! Studies about the actual tangible benefits of super green supplements are still quite limited, and lots of companies do not disclose their special proprietary “blends”. There is a lack of transparency in the market, but people will still… Read more

Stevia Leaf Extract – A Little Goes A Long Way!

With roots in the Asteraceae plant family, the stevia plant is a prized species that is valued for its weight loss properties. The difference between stevia and other sugar substances is that stevia is derived from a plant, and so it doesn’t add ANY calories as other sugar substances normally would. The stevia plant has… Read more

Olive Leaf Extract Benefits: Everything You Need to Know

Olive tree leaves have long been used in Mediterranean diets for not just their taste but for their health properties. The properties of olive leaf extract are now seeing a long-list of health benefits and the reason why many supplements are keen to include this ingredient. What is Olive Leaf Extract? The olive leaf extract… Read more

Brain Fog? The Best Nootropic Supplements For a Better Brain

Do you wake up and immediately feel on autopilot? Maybe you struggle to focus and get important (even mundane) tasks done? You’re not alone many of us struggle with having mental clarity and regularly experience mental fatigue. This condition is commonly referred to as brain fog. Do you suffer from foggy brain? We can never… Read more


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