Shipping and Returns Policy

All your shipping and return queries answered here, if not then please get in touch.


All orders are shipped within 1 business day of receiving the order via UPS and USPS.

We aim to ship US from our warehouse to your address within 3-7 business days depending on your location. International orders will take a bit longer 10-21 business days.

Returns Policy

We’re confident that SuperGREENS TONIK will meet your expectations then we’re here to help you.

To initiate a return, please contact us at the number or email provided above. Our customer concierge team will give you instructions on how to return your items.

Returns Conditions [Please Read to Avoid Confusion], Human Tonik LLC, and Tiger Media Holdings Limited offer a 1 Year (365 days) Money Back Guarantee on our SuperGREEN TONIK.

If, upon trying ONE tub of SuperGREEN TONIK, you don’t believe it has any beneficial affect and aren’t completely satisfied with your experience, then simply email our customer service support, return your used as well as your unused tubs, and we’ll refund your purchase within 7-14 business days minus the handing fee of $10 USD (this covers our shipping charges and other processing fees).

Please note, that if you have ordered our shaker tub then this won’t be refundable and we will deduct the price paid of the original cost of the shaker from the refund amount.

We do recommend trying one tub for at least four weeks to give it time to take effect. Everyone is different and we would like you to be confident this isn’t the product for you before requesting a refund.

Please read our full returns policy here.

one-year guarantee

Common Return FAQs

  1. How long do I have before I can return my order?
    We offer a huge one-year money-back guarantee, one of the few companies who offer this online! We just ask that you contact us within one-year of ordering with us (as specified on your order date) and we can process your return.
  2. I have opened more than one tub from my order, does the guarantee still apply?
    Unfortunately no. The money-back guarantee only applies if ONLY one tub is opened in your order.
  3. Do I really have to send the tubs back to you?
    We want to be fair and transparent with you, our customers. By us asking customers to return all the tubs to us for the refund this prevents misuse by a very select few who may try to sell or pass the tubs onto other people.
  4. I don’t like the taste, can I request a refund?
    You can but we do suggest trying to take the greens powder with your favorite smoothie. Taste is very personal and unfortunately is impossible to make a product that every single person will like. So, please try a few options if you don’t like the taste, then please get in touch with us.
  5. Do I get a refund for the black shaker bottle I received with my order?
    We will be unable to refund the cost of the shaker bottle and will deduct this from the order amount either the cost paid by the customer or the original price of the shaker.