Why You Should Never Buy Greens Supplements from eBay

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It’s now easier than ever to buy pretty much whatever we want or need from the internet. This clearly comes with its benefits – we don’t even have to leave the house to purchase the things we need! The problem occurs when it comes to buying supplements online.

The health and wellbeing market has grown incredibly over the last few years, which is really encouraging. However, a lot of people have realized this and have started to sell supplements on eBay, purely so they can cash in on the growing market and not for the right reasons.

These people have no concerns for the people taking the supplements they are selling, and therefore they can be dangerous or fake. Of course, the reason people continue to buy eBay supplements is because of lower prices. However, is it worth sacrificing your health to save a few dollars?

Within this article, we are going to further investigate the reasons why you should never buy greens supplements from eBay, and how you can safely buy supplements online that will genuinely help you with your health and wellbeing journey.

Counterfeit and Fake Supplements

The first reason why you shouldn’t buy supplements from eBay is that a large majority of them may be counterfeit goods. When you take a look at eBay you might think that you’re looking at genuine supplement brands, but you’re not.

The accounts on both of these sites will be people trying to sell fake supplements through a counterweight brand. So, you might see a brand that you think you recognize – the logo, information, and supplements might look exactly the same as the brand you are thinking of – but it’s fake.

If you take a look at the genuine brand’s website, they won’t say they are selling on eBay – because they’re not. The explanation may be that a group of people in countries like China and India will be pretending to be that brand. Not only is it highly illegal to produce fake supplements under a counterfeit brand, but the supplements they are selling will not aid your health and wellbeing journey.

The supplements they are selling are of course not original, but fake.

Therefore, there’s a variety of things that could be in the fake pills, from sugar to high doses of drugs. A former FDA Special Agent, Gary Collins, did a test to investigate the ingredients in counterfeit supplements. He found that they sometimes had ten times the amounts of medicinal ingredients, sometimes they had no traces of medicinal ingredients and sometimes they simply contained sawdust (1). These fake supplements can be extremely dangerous when digested.

Fake supplements

Expired Products

In addition to the fake supplements that these accounts on eBay are supplying, they could also be supplying you with expired products. A lot of genuine companies sell their products at a cheaper rate when they know they’re about to expire – because they simply want to get rid of stock and they might sell to people who otherwise wouldn’t have the money to buy their products.

However, the problem is that it’s normally not people that want to use the supplements buying them in these sales – it’s counterfeiters. They will purchase old stock from genuine companies, and then all they need to do is change the expiry date on the packaging before selling it on.

Generally speaking, as long as the counterfeiters haven’t added their own fake supplements to the package, there won’t be any severe danger when consuming expired supplements – they simply won’t work.

People might not even realize that the supplements aren’t working, because the placebo effect might kick in – especially if they are making other efforts to lose weight or gain muscle. This can mean that they will continue to buy expired products from the counterfeiters on eBay – a continuous waste of money.

Stolen Supplements

In extreme cases, the supplements that you could be purchased on eBay could be stolen. Not only could they be stolen supplements from health and wellbeing brands, but also doctor’s offices and hospitals. Thieves will steal from anywhere, as long as they are going to make money.

Firstly, if you are buying stolen supplements, you are giving back to the thieves and indirectly encouraging them to continue stealing. Secondly, you might be taking supplements that are full of medicinal drugs, not the supplement you are wanting. This can obviously come with its own dangers to your health.

How can you make sure you’re buying safe supplements online?

Here are four simple tips for judging how legit your online supplements are.

1. Don’t ever buy eBay greens supplements

This is the first rule you need to follow to ensure you are buying safe supplements online, for the reasons we have listed previously in the article. Just because eBay supplements might offer you cheaper brands, don’t be tempted.

It’s not worth saving a few dollars but risking your life.

2. Do your research

When you have found the supplements you’re looking for, do some research. You don’t need to take too long doing this, but there are some basic things you should look out for when checking if the brand is legitimate.

For example, is there a contact email, business address, and phone number? Do they have T&C’s on their website? If you can confirm all of these things, then you probably don’t need to worry about the company being fake.

3. Check testimonials and feedback

The majority of the time, supplement companies will have testimonials or customer feedback on their website. Check these out. In addition to this, you can always look for other feedback about their company on social media or other websites.

4. Look for upfront and solid money-back guarantees

An upfront and solid money-back guarantee will show you that the brand is legitimate. They are offering money-back guarantees to people that aren’t happy with their product – firstly because they know everyone will be happy with it, but also because they want to ensure they have excellent customer service and interaction if for some reason someone isn’t happy with their products.

Here at SuperGreen TONIK, we have a 365-day money-back guarantee that you can take a look at here if you’re interested.

We hope that after reading this article, you will never buy eBay supplements because your health and wellbeing are worth so much more than that. If you are interested in supplements, you might be interested in checking out how our SuperGreen TONIK can benefit you.

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