Why You Should Choose Greens Powders With No Proprietary Blends

Supplement labels

Any time you have purchased a supplement, it’s more than likely somewhere on the label or packaging you would’ve seen the words “proprietary blend.”

Many companies, I can think of quite a few off the top of my head, although I won’t name them, use fancy terms such as “proprietary greens formula” or “proprietary alkalizing blend.”

But, what exactly are “proprietary blends”?

Are they good? Bad? Have they been specially formulated?

Let’s take a look at what exactly a supplement proprietary blend is.

What Is A Proprietary Blend

In the United States, the FDA or Food and Drug Administration has oversight on the supplements that go to market. Generally, the FDA requires supplement companies to list each ingredient and the quantity of each ingredient. But as with most laws and regulations, companies and manufacturers always seem to find a “loophole,” and yes, they’ve found one here.

The loophole allows manufacturers to bunch all their ingredients and label them as a “blend.” by doing so, they circumvent the need for listing the quantity of each individual ingredient. It is mandated, though, that the manufacturers must list each ingredient from highest to lowest regarding dosage quantity.

What are proprietary blends?

Simply put, this means the ingredient listed first is equal to or higher than the ingredient listed next in terms of dosage, and so on as you go down the list.

Sounds reasonable, right?

But you need to remember one unfortunate factor; Not every supplement company is actually trying to provide you with a quality, effective product; it’s just an unfortunate part of the supplement industry.

An example would be a proprietary blend label that says the product contains 6 grams of greens, but in fact, that doesn’t mean the manufacturers of the product actually put in the 6 grams.

Adding in fillers is a popular “trick” to increase the weight of a formula whilst reducing the need for expensive ingredients that actually you are paying for in the first place!

Secret Synergistic formula ?!!??

Another primary reason why companies use the “proprietary blend” term is Synergy.

Manufacturers use “synergy” to claim that the ingredients contained in their “magical” supplements work synergistically with each other to provide you, the consumer, with powerful, potent effects.

What companies then do is claim they have spent millions of dollars and conducted years and years of Research and Develop (R&D), when in actual fact, they haven’t done anything of the sort.

They claim they’ve found the “silver bullet formula,” but again, all they’ve done is produce an ineffective product and at the same time put a big fat hole in your wallet.

Greed, The Unfortunate Side Of The Supplementation Industry

Why do so many supplement manufacturers choose to use the term proprietary blend.? Unfortunately, the answer is all too familiar, GREED.

Companies are out to make money, and I get that there’s nothing wrong with making money if done the right way. However, many companies try to deceive consumers by using fancy terms and legalese that most people don’t understand.

By legally using the term proprietary blend, they no longer need to list each ingredient’s quantity, meaning the most effective component, which is usually the most expensive, is barely contained in the product.

Very sneaky!!

Our advice to consumers is to educate yourself on the ingredients contained in the product your thinking of purchasing and research, research research. By doing this, you become a more educated consumer, and you’re much less likely to be “conned” by certain manufacturers.

Here’s the good news, though. There are lots of supplementation companies out there that are entirely transparent, have your best interest at heart, and are genuinely trying to develop products and supplements that actually help people and make a real difference.

Full disclosure, transparent labelling

At SuperGreen Tonik, for example, we believe in full transparency. Being fully transparent is a fundamental part of our philosophy; it goes back to the adage, “treat people as you wish to be treated.” SuperGreen Tonik

Why put your trust in a supplement brand that deliberately hides each ingredient’s exact quantities in their product? It doesn’t make sense, and quite frankly, we despise this practice — That’s why we believe in 100% transparency.

One look at the Supergreen Tonik label, and BOOM, you see precisely what you get.

Supergreen tonik full disclosure label

You can buy with confidence, knowing you’re purchasing clinically effective ingredients that positively impact your health, mood, focus, sleep & energy, and much much more.

Not only is SuperGreen Tonik Fully transparent, but we also pride ourselves on being:

  • Made in the USA in a cGMP lab
  • 100% natural
  • 3rd party tested
  • Caffeine-free, dairy-free, egg-free and soy-free
  • Ketogenic Friendly
  • 365-day money-back guarantee

How many times have your seen labels or commercials sprout claims and slogans like “game-changing” or “unique blend”? Companies are giving themselves clemency under the notion that if they give away their “trade secret,” competing manufacturers will steal their formula.

This is, in essence, hogwash. These companies are using the loophole we previously discussed to “get away” with potentially ripping you off. They’re selling you an ineffective product.

They spend 90% of their money on marketing and 10% on the product if you’re lucky.

Actually, if you know anything about the supplementation industry, it’s easy for anyone to buy a supplement and have it sent to a 3rd Party Testing Lab.

There, they can run a chemical analysis and provide you with the list of ingredients the product contains and, more importantly, the quantity of each ingredient.

Final Words

So why would you purchase a supplement that claims to have a “proprietary blend”?

The answer is you wouldn’t, nor should you.

Manufacturers use fancy slogans and hide behind legal mumbo jumbo to deceive you and take your hard-earned cash. It’s an unfortunate part of the health and fitness industry, and it’s only a few bad actors; remember, there are very reputable transparent supplements and products out on the market.

Don’t be fooled and misled by magic formulas and fancy slogans. Do the research, educate yourself on the ingredients, and keep your hard-earned cash in your wallet.

Purchase products that are transparent with their ingredients, including quality and quantity.

Look for products like SuperGreen Tonik that are 3rd Party Tested, 100% natural, and GMO-free. By purchasing products like this, you ensure the health and safety of yourself and the loved ones around you.

There’s no need to play “Russian roulette” with your health when you can purchase quality, pure, safe, and effective supplements.

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