The Importance Of Third-Party Testing For Powdered Green Supplements

Lab testing and third party analysis of supplements

In recent years the Supplement industry has seen an incredible amount of examination and investigation regarding products put to market.

For far too long, companies have cut corners legally and produced supplements such as proteins, vitamins, and minerals, with labels that do not correctly match the product’s ingredients. Unfortunately, this had had an adverse effect on the supplement industry and put doubt into the general public’s mind regarding supplementation effectiveness.

The Food, Drug, and Administration department has no role in certifying or testing pre-market supplement safety. Under the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act (1), the FDA has no regulatory authority and can not issue mandates concerning supplementation.

Deficient manufacturing processes, along with the deliberate contamination of supplements, occur far too regularly worldwide. In particular, industries and sectors such as fat loss, muscle building, strength gaining, and Health and Fitness are unfortunately at a greater risk for deliberate contamination.

Consumers and athletes face the continued risk of taking supplements that may have adverse effects on their health and wellbeing.

Thankfully, several third-party organizations have come to the fore and put in place methods and procedures to test and certify supplements for safety, quality, and purity.

What Exactly Is 3rd Party Testing?

Basically, 3rd party testing or certification means the supplement was tested, scrutinized, and certified by an independent company with no direct involvement in producing the supplement/product being tested.

3rd party testing reviews the supplement to ensure the label directly matches the product’s ingredients in terms of amount, quality, and purity.

These independent testing companies have played a critical role in slowly gaining back the general public’s confidence, allowing them to purchase supplements, knowing the label matches the ingredients.

Our SuperGreen Tonik is not only made in a USA cGMP lab but is third-party tested for quality, purity, and safety. Gaining our customers’ trust is a critical component of our philosophy and one that drives us to continually produce the highest quality greens supplement on the market.

We pride ourselves on transparency; Most supplement companies “hide” or don’t “disclose” the amounts of ingredients their product contains. Companies are required by law to disclose their ingredients, but under the guise of “protecting their brand,” they can get away with hiding the exact amount.

An example of how companies get around this is by claiming they have 5000mg of two ingredients, but in fact, one of the two components makes up 4900mg, with the more expensive element accounting for only 100mg.

One look at our label, you see exactly what you’re getting, and because SuperGreen Tonik has been third-party tested, we stand behind it with a 365-day money-back guarantee.

Checking a supplement label

Supplementation Testing And Its Importance For Athletes

Although a supplement may not have third-party certification does not rule it out as an ineffective product; however, it does bring about uncertainty to the ingredients it contains.

Athletes must know that the supplement they are consuming is exceptionally high-quality and free from prohibited substances. An extensive third-party testing program that tests for performance-enhancing drugs is a crucial step for athletes to limit risk; failure to do so can end with the athlete being banned for 1-2 years or, in some cases, a lifetime ban.

Supplements containing performance-enhancing drugs present a significant risk to the athlete regarding health issues and the genuine possibility of being stripped of their sponsorships, resulting in a loss of income and possibly their career.

Our SuperGreen Tonik makes the ideal choice for athletes looking to enhance performance, boost brain function, increase energy, and improve sleep quality. With third-party testing, athletes can compete with confidence, knowing our Tonik is safe and pure.

SuperGreen Tonik contains 100% organic ingredients meaning they are entirely free from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). GMO’s have been linked to increases in disease, heart attacks, and other debilitating disorders (2).

We are also the first supplement worldwide that contains both cognitive enhancing ingredients and ingredients that boost your overall immune system. Several supplements on the market have one of the elements; however, SuperGreen Tonik is the only product that includes both.

We all know that a robust immune system is a critical factor in staying healthy; Put simply, the immune system helps to prevent or limit infection. However, in reality, it’s a complex system that identifies cells that may be healthy, unhealthy, or normal.

When problems arise, the immune system activates a response to fight the infection or virus that has entered the body. Several cell types circulate within the body, and each cell type communicates with other cells uniquely.

The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) is the gold standard when it comes to anti-doping. USADA has long recommended that professional athletes consume supplements that have been third-party tested (3) and certified for performance-enhancing substances, strictly prohibited in sport.

Companies that provide third-party testing and certification undergo rigorous accreditation programs, along with stringent analytical testing that must be performed in labs with ISO 17065 and 17025 scope. These companies need to show they have no conflict of interest and have the correct accreditation.

Greens powders for athletes


It’s easy to see how crucial third-party testing and certification are for supplementation, especially in the Health and Fitness sector. Companies have long avoided disclosing the ingredients in their products; this has, to a certain degree, damaged the reputation of the supplement industry.

Thankfully, third-party testing is now an integral part of the certification and accreditation of supplements. Although not compulsory, supplements like our SuperGreen Tonik that choose to go through the rigorous process of having their products tested have a significant advantage over their competitors.

Customers can purchase these supplements with knowledge; they have been tested for safety, quality, purity, and effectiveness.

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