How to Choose the Best Greens Supplements on the Market

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With so many greens powder supplements on the market these days, choosing the right one for you can be a daunting task, no doubt.

There are so many factors to consider: your own biological construct and what it requires, and what the greens supplement can provide, and whether it is compatible with you, or not. It sounds complicated, doesn’t it?

Well, fret not, because we’re going to be breaking these factors down into simple categories that you can easily grasp.

Ingredient Choice

The first thing you would want to look at in a greens powder supplement is its ingredient list. Naturally, what goes into the powder is what’s going to bridge the gaps in your health.

Take note, there are many different blends with different purposes. Some blends target the brain, some blends target helping the body achieve optimum health, and some blends target your immune system.

These different purposes all require different ingredients, so you want to make sure that the blend you’re getting at least has some of the core ingredients required to fulfill the purpose of the blend.

For convenience’s sake, here are some of the key ingredients vital for the blend to work well in each category.

Optimum Health Blends

Ingredients: Spirulina, Spinach, and Chlorella

Spirulina Health Benefits

Spirulina’s one of the most popular must-have ingredients in all supplements. So if you find this ingredient missing in the blend you’re looking at, that’s definitely a red flag there!

Spirulina is extremely rich in a great variety of nutrients: protein, vitamin B1, B2, B3, copper, and iron. So if you’re looking for a general health-boosting blend, spirulina is a must-have ingredient. Spinach is another rich ingredient power-packed with vitamins and minerals like vitamins A, C, K1, B9, iron, and calcium.

The great thing is that many blends come with both spirulina and spinach, so if the one you’re looking at doesn’t, you should probably dig deeper into that!

Chlorella’s gotten its reputation for its detoxification abilities. This is great for people who work jobs that constantly expose them to heavy metals, like mining, working in a chemical factory, and et cetera.

Brain-Boosting Blends

Ingredients: Ginkgo Biloba, Ashwagandha Root Extract, and L-Tyrosine

Ginkgo Biloba Benefits

Ginkgo is rather famously known for its brain-enhancing properties in terms of improving mental performance and well-being.

Ashwagandha is an adaptagen and is more preventive in nature; it reduces the chances of memory and brain problems caused by other diseases and injuries.

L-Tyrosine has the ability to reverse the decreasing of neurotransmitters that typically occur in stressful situations. A decrease in neurotransmitters tends to results in impaired memory and mental clarity. When L-Tyrosine kicks in, however, this decrease is reversed and memory functions are supported even in stressful situations.

Immunity Blends

Ingredients:Ingredients: Dandelion Leaf Extract, Garlic Extract, and Olive Leaf Extract

Dandelion flower

Dandelion leaf extracts are packed with antioxidants, substances that are vital to combat against the negative effects of free radicals. It slows down the potential and the rate of diseases forming, and it counters aging as well.

Garlic is well-known for boosting the immune system and combating common illnesses such as the common cold and the flu. It also contains antioxidants that reduce the development of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Similarly, olive extracts contain antioxidants that work towards preventing diseases such as Parkinson’s, as well as stopping the growth of cancerous cells in the body.

These are some of the key ingredients you ought to look out for depending on the type of blend you’re searching for and the benefits you’d like to reap from it.

Many super green supplements on the market today claim to be able to do all sorts of things and provide you with all sorts of benefits, but since it’s so saturated, you’d be doing yourself a favor by doing some primary research on the key ingredients you should be looking out for!

Ingredient Amounts

The next thing you want to be on the lookout for is the quantity of each ingredient.

Are they listed clearly on the nutrition label? Or are they left up to the consumers’ guesses?

The reason why this is so important is that these ingredients require a minimum amount before the consumer can start to reap the benefit. As mentioned above, it’s easy for supplement companies to go on and on about all the different ingredients that they’ve managed to jam-pack into one supplement how that product is going to be the five in one product you never knew you were looking for.

It’s easy for them to back all of their claims up with scientific research that substantiates the benefits of super green ingredients are supposed to be. And we’re not saying that they’re wrong, but you can never be too safe in your research.

If you find that the brand seems to be deliberately omitting this information, raise your red flags yet again!

Cost / serving

Generally, these supplements comprise 30 servings, and an average price point for each serving would be between USD $2 – $3.

Be wary of some green powders on the market that initially may look cheap as you may need to take 2-3 servings per day. This means your 30-serving tub will actually only last 10 or 15 days!

You also typically get a 60-day money-back guarantee, but very few brands ever push it to 365 days – like the SuperGreen TONIK brand.

But cost shouldn’t be the determining factor. Again, the answer lies in the ingredient mix and its quantity.

Why SuperGreen TONIK is the brand to choose

To wrap this up, one recommendation we have is the Super Greens Tonik, a supplement that meets the basic requirements that we’ve outlined above. It has all the crucial ingredients—spirulina, chlorella, and ginkgo biloba—and in the right amounts too, for their effects to come through. If you’re scouring the internet for a great supplement and you find yourself overwhelmed with options, we’d highly recommend adding the Super Greens Tonik into your diet.

But at the end of the day, the biggest takeaway is this: do your own research!

Not just because you want to make the most out of the product you invested in, but because this has got to do with your health as well. If you’ve got time, go beyond the research about these common ingredients we’ve listed above.

While the inclusion of these ingredients is crucial, at the same time, just because a brand includes them in the ingredient mix, it does not tell you much about the product unless you know the exact quantity and how they work with the other ingredients included.

So, yes, buying green powder supplements seem like a highly daunting task, but rest assured that if you find a perfect fit for you, your health and wellness are set for a long time to come!

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