Here’s a Checklist to Get You Started on a Healthier Journey

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Often make new year’s resolutions only to realize that it’s almost impossible to keep? Be it because of work schedules, lifestyle scheduling, or any other plans that occupy a significant portion of your time.

Here are some ways to integrate them into the hustle and bustle, to help you meet that goal and be proud of what you have achieved when the year ends.

1. Workout anywhere and everywhere

With the advent of popular channels on Youtube that promote a fit and healthy lifestyle in a matter of minutes, working out can be done almost anywhere and at your own comfort. Have a 10 minutes break in the office? Get up on your feet and stretch to a relaxing 10 minutes video or just simply tour around your office and who knows, you might even explore a new area you have never seen before.

Even at home, if your schedule does not allow time for a jog or a trip to the gym, simply get on your gear and work out to 10-20 minutes videos that require no equipment. If you are even more pressed for time, there are three-minute or five-minute videos as well!

2. Work out on your way out

Speaking of anywhere, keeping fit and healthy does not mean that only intensive exercises like squats, lunges, and et cetera can help you achieve it. Even simple things like opting for the stairs instead of the escalators can pave your way to a fitter and better life.

Furthermore, this does not even require you to drastically change your schedule, and over time, you get better and faster up the stairs. The stairs not only can burn more calories than jogging, but they also help with the toning of muscles as well! A simple change in your schedule, a drastic improvement in your health.

Fast cycling in city

3. No more cabbing or flagging

Most of us have nestled into the comfort of private hires that bring us right from our doorsteps to our destinations. But it is time to say goodbye to that, for your wallet and for your health.

Given the accessibility of public transport these days, there is often only 10-15 minutes’ worth of distance between the nearest bus station or train station to your destination. While this 10-15 minutes walk may seem minute, they actually go a long way to helping you get fitter.

In fact, if the distance is longer than that, bike-sharing applications have also made it possible to cycle to work which will help further strengthen your heart and lungs. You get to kill two birds with one stone!

4. Shopping marathon

The tips we mentioned above are ways that you can fit tiny amounts of exercise into your busy schedule, but ultimately, things work best combined with rigorous exercises from time to time. And here is where we found out that, there are ways to motivate you to be more inclined to this.

A shopping marathon… for fitness wear!

Shopping for the perfect tank top, gym shorts, yoga pants or perfect pair of kicks can help in encouraging you to start working out more. I mean if you look good and feel good, you naturally would want to do it to flaunt it!

5. Fitness apps

After getting the right tools to aid you on your workout journey, it is time to find an application that can help you track your progress. It’s been found that tracking your progress also helps motivate you to achieve more in terms of the workout.

For example, tracking your running time for one day challenges you to beat that record, be it by one minute, 30 seconds, or even one second. Furthermore, they can tell you how many calories have been used which is honestly the best form of motivation!

6. Find an on the go amigo

The best way to motivate yourself is to make a pact with another friend that has similar goals. Knowing that you are not on this journey alone makes it all the more worthwhile to see it through. This is even more effective if you are the kind that enjoys a little friendly rivalry as you try to best one another.

Even if you don’t have friends that have similar goals, the gym has plenty, you might even find a lifelong friend there. Friends who suffer together stay together!

7. Pace yourself

Everyone who just started out exercising is often in a rush for results. However, these things take time and it’s okay that it takes time, we just have to acknowledge that and create tiny goals to work towards.

Pace yourself with weight loss goals

8. Say later to that latte

While all these exercises can help with getting fitter, but if we continue consuming more than we can burn, we are back to square one. With life being in such a constant rush, people would kill for a cup of energy booster which is sugar-filled, flavorful coffee. But, what you don’t know is that these grande-sized cups contain a venti-sized amount of calories.

So, instead of that, you can try opting for the good ol’ green tea that contains no sugar or a supergreens drink, it is also filled with antioxidants and helps boost your metabolism, ensuring you get the energy you require at a lower cost.

9. Give the booze a boot

This is another activity that we have to cut down on our intake of. With alcohol being made from starch and sugar, they are a close second for containing copious amounts of calories. Guess what is first? FATS. Shocking? Definitely. This is why, for the sake of reducing the waistline, it is time to cut the alcohol.

10. Miles rewards

This is not the kind of miles you’re thinking of. Although, you could reward yourself with a small domestic trip every time you reach a major milestone!

Even for the smaller ones, you can treat yourself to smaller rewards!

We don’t expect you to immediately give up on everything and lead only a clean and staunch life. We all need a break sometimes, and it is important to give it to yourself when you do need it!

Being healthy isn’t that difficult as long as you are willing to break out of bad habits. Small changes like taking the stairs and cutting out that morning Starbucks frappucino can make a big difference too!

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