Are Heavy Metals In Super Greens Supplements A Problem?

Heavy metals in Greens Powders

For the longest time, the supplementation industry has remained one of the most constant industries worldwide, manufacturing and producing a wide array of healing agents and nutritional supplements.

Consuming vitamins, minerals, and supplements are essential for staying and maintaining health and extending longevity. They can also be prescribed as medications to help mitigate certain diseases and complications caused by heavy metal intake.

Currently, worldwide, there is a massive uptake of nutritional supplementation, particularly super greens; in fact, 40% of the U.S. population is estimated to consume some form of multi-vitamin or nutritional product (1).

Various governing bodies through Third-Party Testing, have highlighted that multiple supplements can unwittingly cause harmful effects directly from the levels of heavy metals they contain. Inadequate quality controls and restrictions have unfortunately allowed some nutritional supplements to be contaminated by heavy metals, bacteria, and metalloids.

People worldwide are becoming increasingly health-conscious, with vitamins and supplementation becoming an essential part of their daily diets. The increasing popularity is primarily due to the general population’s trust and belief that vitamins and supplements are safe.

Unfortunately, this has led to the vast majority of people not conducting their own research on the products’ ingredients.

The Effects of Toxic Heavy Metals

The production of therapeutic products demands comprehensive quality control, including regulating all production stages until the final product.

A few countries have established stringent quality control laws; however, many countries worldwide can have rather lax rules and regulations.

Although harmful, it’s important to remember that iron, zinc, and copper play a critical role in the body’s daily functions (2). These elements and compounds also play an essential role physiologically and biologically, and the fundamental properties that allow this are the numerous cofactor enzymes.

Another vital mineral is manganese; it’s essential for continued growth and is critically important in helping break down fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. One must be careful in this case, however, not to exceed the recommended daily allowance of Mn 2–5 mg per day,

Other heavy metals, though, are incredibly toxic even at much lower levels. Metals like lead are known to cause tumors, diminish cognitive brain function, raise blood pressure, and develop cardiovascular diseases. Toxic levels of lead have been linked to having a devastating effect on the human brain.

In particular, children are susceptible to heavy metal exposure, and there is a direct correlation to a reduction in I.Q. and learning disorders (3). Mercury, specifically organic mercury, is much more harmful than the inorganic type because it’s absorbed rapidly and is highly dangerous to pregnant women.

What Can We Do?

In today’s modern age, the increase in heavy metals and harmful toxins is increasing and inevitable. That’s not good news, but here’s the good news there are a few foods that you can consume daily that help to draw out the metals in the body.

These foods and green vegetables have a detoxifying effect and help to provide protection from future exposure that is bound to occur. Adding these to your diet regularly can help mitigate the impact of exposure to heavy metals and offer various other health benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked.


Chlorella is exceptionally potent and is extensively used to chelate and eliminate toxins caused by heavy metals. Metals such as mercury can accumulate on the skin and in our organs.

The primary reason chlorella is powerful is that it binds to heavy metals. Interestingly, miners use it to clean up the extra metals that accumulate in the mine’s shaft. They combine it with water and then use pumps to flush out the pipes; the chlorella absorbs the leftover harmful metals.

Chlorella is incredibly efficient at eliminating various harmful toxins from our major organs, like the liver. Taking 5 grams per day will help cleanse and detoxify the metals from the body and add numerous health benefits.

Some people have suggested taking 15 grams per day for a week to 10 days as a “chlorella detox.” Before undertaking this detox, though, please seek advice from your local health care provider or a qualified dietician.

Adding chlorella to your daily diet is highly recommended due to the numerous health benefits which have been linked to regular consumption.

Chlorella benefits


This little powerhouse algae has a blue-green color and can help draw out the harmful toxins that have accumulated in the body. In particular, spirulina removes toxins effectively from our central nervous system, brain, and liver.

Barley Grass

This nutritional grass can remove toxins from your spleen, pancreas, thyroid, and intestinal tract. The ability to draw out harmful toxins make Barley Grass excellent food to supplement regularly. Spirulina plays a critical role here because the toxins that have been drawn out by spirulina are then further extracted by the Barley Grass.


Cilantro is another food that can go very deep inside the body to help draw out the toxins. We recommend adding it to your smoothies or even to your soups.


Apart from being incredibly delicious, blueberries are also a potent food that removes toxins from the body. It heals and repairs holes that have been caused by oxidation, specifically in the brain. Blueberries contain an unparalleled amount of phytonutrients, which possess the ability to detoxify the body.

Blueberries may also help nullify the damaging effects of oxidation as it draws the toxins from the body; this is particularly critical for cognitive brain health and function.

Atlantic Dulse

Atlantic dulse is a seaweed that binds to heavy metals such as aluminum, cadmium, copper, and lead. Compared to the other foods mentioned, Atlantic dulse can eliminate toxins all by itself by going deep into the digestive system.

Supergreen TONIK ready to drink

Final Words

The foods that I have mentioned here are an excellent start to eliminating and drawing out the toxins that have accumulated in your body. Each of them provides unique benefits, and they all play varying roles within the body when it comes to detoxification.

By themselves, they effectively help mitigate the effects of heavy metals; however, when consumed in conjunction with each other, they transform into a potent detoxifying powerhouse. As metals are drawn out of the body, small traces are left behind and absorbed back into the body.

When taken together regularly, the foods come through and clean up the residual amounts that have been left behind.

It’s not imperative to eat all these foods, and by no means are these the only foods that can help draw out toxins. Don’t feel like you have to sit down and consume excessive amounts of superfoods to get the full benefits. You don’t.

Super greens powders offer an excellent way to make sure you are getting your daily intake of essential vitamins and minerals. Super greens are convenient and have many of the ingredients I’ve listed above already included in one simple scoop.

Additionally, super greens can play a primary role in the detoxification process, and they also provide the body with nutrients to help with recovery and repair. Other benefits are helping boost energy, increasing focus and concentration, boosting the immune system, supporting sleep quality, and supporting our bodies.

However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is still the most holistic way to remove toxins from the body. Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet coupled with regular daily exercise helps relieve the symptoms brought on by toxic metals.

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