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When you're looking for more than just physical performance

Has your performance come to a screeching halt?

Do you feel no matter how hard you practice, you're not seeing results?

When it comes to performing at their best, athletes look for incremental gains, yet time and again, the one factor that's overlooked is nutrition.

Over two years in collaboration with the best labs in the US, the team at SuperGreen Tonik developed a superfood drink designed specifically to enhance athletes' performance.

Research published in the "Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition" showed supplementing with greens like chlorella, ginkgo leaves, and spirulina led to improvements in overall performance.

Whether your livelihood depends on it or striving to be your best, why leave your nutrition to chance?

SuperGreen TONIK was designed by athletes for athletes

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Boost & Reduce

For athletes, staying healthy is one of the most critical aspects of everyday life. Constant travel, strenuous workouts, and competition stress can all lead to a weakened immune system.

The team at SuperGreen TONIK spent two years developing a supplement that helps athletes perform at their best by keeping them healthy.

Ingredients like olive leaf extract are scientifically proven to support immune function, reduce inflammation and even reduce the severity of aches and pains.

This means you can train longer, push harder and reach your potential.

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Nutritional Protection

What's the one-factor athletes demand the most? Its consistency. Constant travel, in and out of airports and hotels, nutritional consistency becomes paramount.

Athletes need to be sure what goes in their body meets their nutritional requirements for optimal performance. You can be confident with every scoop of SuperGreen TONIK; you’re getting the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Unlike many "greens powders," SuperGreen TONIK is easily digestible, meaning there's no need for heavy blenders when traveling; Just one scoop in a glass or shaker; and it's as simple as that.

SuperGreen TONIK acts as "nutritional protection" and provides athletes with peace of mind.

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SuperGreen TONIK was designed by athletes for athletes

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Sleep & Recovery

Every athlete understands the importance of recovery.

Organic Kale, Ashwagandha Root Extract, Bacopa Monnieri, and Gingko Biloba help you achieve a better night's sleep and speed up the recovery process.

Not only does it improve sleep quality, but SuperGreen TONIK also boosts cognitive function, allows you to focus and concentrate longer, and combats fatigue.

Remember; the faster you recover, the more you can practice, and the more you practice, the better you perform.

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What sets us apart from other supplement companies is authenticity.

Our CEO Adam Wright was a successful long-distance runner and triathlete who studied Sports Physiology and Nutrition, graduating with First Class Honors.

Since then, Adam has put together a team of like-minded people who have a deep knowledge of Health, Nutrition, and Sports Science.

Our Operations Manager was the former Head Advisor to the Japanese Sports Institute and Australia's Governing Body. He served on the Dunlop International Advisory Board, has won 10 professional events, and holds a degree in Sports Coaching.

Adam Sports Science Testing

SuperGreen TONIK was designed by athletes for athletes

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1-year guarantee * 🔒 Secure Checkout

Your Safety Is Our Priority

SuperGreen TONIK is made in the USA in an FDA-Certified Lab held to the strictest standards worldwide. Being made in the USA helps to ensure our supplement is safe and effective.

SuperGreen TONIK has also been independently Third-Party Tested by one of the world's leading Laboratories. These testing facilities have zero bias and provide a credible expert opinion.

At SuperGreen TONIK, we take your safety seriously.

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Thousands in the USA and around the world are experiencing renewed energy, improved mental performance, immune support and better health.

Ksenia Testimonial

"Gives me peace of mind"

The team at SuperGreen Tonik stands out because of their transparency and authenticity. They've been athletes, so they understand the struggles. As a professional athlete, taking supplements that are safe and effective is of the utmost importance. I rely on my body and mind to be in peak condition to perform at my best. SuperGreen TONIK gives me peace of mind, and it's great knowing it's a supplement made by athletes for athletes †

– Ksenia Lykina, Top Professional Tennis Player

Sonya Testimonial

"Great way of getting your brain and body nutrients"

I'm trying the SuperGreen TONIK at the moment. They're great way of getting your brain and body nutrients in one hit. They're actually the worlds first 7-in-1 formula that enhances energy levels, better mental focus and concentration, sleep, health and immune function, and less anxiety. †

– Sonya Morton-firth, Bikini Athlete

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