Do All Super Greens Taste Bad? How To Make Super Greens Powder Taste Better

Supergreens taste bad or good

Super greens are extremely nutritious supplements with multiple proven health benefits.

They are packed with vitamin A, C, E, and K, as well as minerals such as iron, calcium, and folate.

Despite theses massive benefits they often get a bad reputation for their taste.

Although many products on the market try to mask the distinct flavors (usually the main culprits are spirulina and kale) it still feels like you’re drinking a green grassy drink.

If you take capsules on the other hand, it can be hard to know whether you are getting the optimal dose of every powerful plant ingredients.

So, here at SuperGreen Tonik we have come up with four incredibly creative ways to switch up your usual routine of stirring (or shaking) and glugging. For those who are still apprehensive about trying out super greens, we hope that these ideas will change your opinion about them!

1. Toss in some sweet, ripe fruits

If you’re new to making green smoothies, here is a beginner recipe to improve the taste.

Choose fruits such as pineapples, mangoes, grapes, bananas, green apples and papayas to add into your smoothie.

Make sure that your fruits are ripened to ensure that they are sweet, apart from apples (which we love!) sour fruits are the last thing you want in your green smoothie.

We are all sugar-conscious these days so for individuals who are weight-conscious and are looking for a lower calorie option, consider adding strawberries or blueberries into your green smoothie instead. These fruits are generally lower in bio-available sugar as carbohydrates so they make your green smoothie macro-friendly, without compromising on taste.

Feel free to mix and match the fruits based on your taste and what’s in season.

Personally my favorite combination is bananas and strawberries. Oh, and here is another secret: freeze your fruits overnight. That way you need not add ice when blending, which can dilute the smoothie. This leaves you with a thick, creamy, and ice-cold smoothie that helps keep you refreshed. Just don’t forget to add your SuperGreen Tonik!

Banana and fruit smoothies

2. Bring out the yogurt and chocolate

For those who like to consume dairy, and if you are looking for an even creamier smoothie, throw in some yogurt to the concoction.

Yogurt gives the smoothie an added dimension of consistency and texture without the excessive calories — especially if you choose the lower fat options.

For those who really love chocolate you’ll be in for a treat with this chai-chocolate smoothie recipe.

Simply add bits (or chunks) of very dark chocolate, yogurt, bananas, dates, and super greens powder with your chilled chai tea and blend.

The result?

A creamy chocolatey chai smoothie with the added benefits of eating those coveted greens — talk about an all-in-one beverage and treat!

Feel free to experiment with the quantities of each ingredient until you find one that suits your tastebuds.

Almond or cashew milk

3. Add a dash of almond or cashew milk

Almond and cashew milks are great sources of vitamin D and B12, another plus point is that they are also extremely delicious, but that’s not all.

The creamy smooth texture of almond and cashew milk can have the effect of masking some of the grassy taste caused by raw spinach and kale, making super greens taste less “green”.

For those looking to add an Asian twist to your smoothie consider adding in coconut water or milk.

Known for the fragrance it adds to Asian dishes coconut milk or water can do the same and elevate your smoothie to a new level.

In moderate amounts, coconut water or milk may also aid weight loss, improve heart health, and strengthen the immune system (1).

Just add some spices

4. Don’t neglect your spices

Spices can add a much-needed kick of flavor that can overcome the bitter taste of some super greens.

If you are using nut milk in your smoothie, consider adding cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger or vanilla extract as they taste surprisingly indulgent when paired together.

Don’t limit yourself to these spices, feel free to experiment with your favorite spices to create your very own smoothie that suits your tastebuds.

Not All Super Greens Are Created The Same

Your sense of taste is as personal to you and as unique as your fingerprint.
Although some may argue that most greens drinks will taste of vegetable ingredients, it would be worrisome if they tasted like something which wasn’t included for its health properties.

To address this some greens companies have added flavorings to improve the taste. Please be mindful of this and do read labels! Make sure that the product you choose has no artificial flavorings. What is the point of consuming super greens for health purposes if it’s packed with artificial flavorings that can be detrimental to our health?

This is where SuperGreen Tonik, sets itself apart from regular super greens.

We believe in giving you the best of both worlds — balancing both the nutritional aspect and taste of super greens. So after careful selection and consideration, we decided to use the naturally occurring sweetener stevia leaf extract to gently enhance the taste of our product.

Not only does it taste great, it’s also all-natural, and low in calories.

Additionally, we opted for a refreshing mint taste to make our SuperGreen Tonik a refreshing drink you can consume at any time of the day.

We believe that not all super greens are the same and our added attention to the flavor of our formulation will speak for itself.

Lastly, get creative. Do not be limited by just consuming super greens in your smoothie.

Experiment with mixing super greens in your meals and snacks to ensure that you don’t get bored from consuming super greens daily.

After all you can only expect to reap the health benefits that super greens offer if you consider it a part of your daily diet and consume it consistently over a period of time.

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