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Dandelion Leaf Extract Everything You Need to Know

You will have certainly seen dandelion leafs before as they really look striking when in the field. But did you know they have many health benefits too? This is why you’re seeing dandelion leaf extract appearing in many health products as they could provide a simple addition to your healthy and wellness routine. In this […]

Chlorella (Cracked-cell) Benefits of This Healthy Algae

Chlorella is the newly-favoured alga that has been receiving quite a lot of attention for its health benefits. Chlorella supplementation has been used in promoting (among other things) weight-loss, fighting cancer and other chronic diseases. As such it has earned a reputation among its supporters as a supplement that “fixes-all ills”. If this is the […]

Ashwagandha for Improved Physical and Mental Health

Ashwagandha is the common name of Withania Somnifera, an ancient herb that has gained popularity as a potential dietary supplement for countering the stresses we experience in modern life. Research classifies Ashwagandha as an “adaptogen” meaning that it can potentially support stress relief. Ashwagandha has also been found to offer a variety of benefits for […]

Spirulina Health Benefits – A Powerhouse Greens and Protein

“Eat your vegetables, it’s good for your health.” This was probably one of the most common phrases that our parents used when we were young. Granted, we already know the benefits and importance of eating fruits and vegetables. But what if I told you to “eat your algae” instead? In recent years, the emphasis on […]

Bacopa Monnieri – The Often Overlooked Nootropic Ingredient

Bacopa Monnieri is a powerful edible herb that hails from the marshy areas of India, Asia, and South America. It has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine to fortify the body’s immune system from diseases, enhance mental performance and promote longevity. Bacopa Monnieri is said to have powerful adaptogenic properties, allowing it to help the […]

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