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Trying A Liver Detox, Don’t Forget Super Greens

There are literally thousands of proverbs in ancient China, but when it comes to nutrition, none are as fitting as “a closed mouth catches no flies. The ancient Chinese believed that choosing the healthiest food for mouth health was essential, particularly when it came to maintaining a healthy liver and gut microbiome. As one of […]

Can Greens Powders Help Relieve Constipation?

Constipation happens or is classified as happening when someone has not had a bowel movement for between 24 and 72 hours. It is also important to understand constipation is not a disease; it is medically referred to as a “condition” and encompasses people who have less than three bowel movements per week. Some of the […]

How Greens Supplements Help Support Your Microbiome

Trillions of microorganisms inhabit the human digestive system, collectively referred to as the gut microbiome. A robust gut microbiome encompasses an extensive assemblage of helpful microbes. The gut microbiome is essential and governs various physiological roles, both near your gut and numerous muscles and organs varying from your heart to your skin. We know the […]

Can Green Powders Cause Nausea?

In recent years green smoothies and super greens supplements have seen a massive boom in popularity, with their sales going through the roof. From vegetarians to keto to paleo enthusiasts, every faction of the health industry has jumped on the greens bandwagon, and it makes sense because they’re delicious and nutritious. (I am a poet, […]

Should You Take A Greens Powder That Include Probiotics?

Probiotics are composed of healthy live bacteria or yeasts that naturally exist in the body. As humans, we continuously have both beneficial and harmful bacteria in our bodies. When an infection enters, extra harmful bacteria knock your system out of balance. Good bacteria help to reduce excess harmful bacteria, restoring the balance. Probiotic supplements are […]

Do Green Powders Give You Flatulence?

One of the most common questions people ask before they decide to incorporate a green powder into their diets is, “do green powders give you flatulence?” A lot of people are worried that the high fiber content and the appearance of brand-new ingredients will cause their body to go into chaos and they will suffer […]

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