Can Green Gummies Ever Deliver the Goods?

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Green gummies are one of the newest products in the health and wellbeing market. They have grown in popularity tenfold recently, especially due to the advertisements on social media from celebrities and influencers. Although green gummies are relatively new, gummy supplements for things like vitamins and probiotics have been around for a while.

But, just how good are they for you?

Could green gummies ever replace Green superfood powders?

We have done all the investigation for you, and in this article, we are going to take a deep look into the world of gummies, to figure out just how effective they really are.

Benefits of Green Gummies

Green Gummies do have some of their benefits, but they aren’t things that will be benefitting your body. Gummies are obviously appealing because of their ease. You can take gummies very easily. Let’s be honest though, green powders are extremely easy to consume too – the difference is that with gummies you don’t have to take any time at all.

A lot of people might say that green gummies taste a lot better than green powders or other health supplements. However, the real reason they taste so good is that they are packed with sugar. They have such high sugar content, so you feel like you’re eating a sweet treat – surely this completely destroys the fact they are supposed to be benefiting your health? Not only can sugar lead to illnesses like diabetes and heart disease, but it’s also very acidic.

Your body naturally has to stay in an alkaline state. Therefore, by consuming sugar, you are making your body work extra hard to balance itself back out – to its alkaline state. This, therefore, means that your body is working too hard on something it shouldn’t have to, and its energy is getting wasted on doing something that’s un-beneficial to you.

If you’re interested in getting more informed about alkalinity and acidity in your body.

Reduce effects of sugar

Are gummies that nutrient-dense?

Now that we’ve taken a look at the high sugar content in green gummies, it’s a good idea to think about the rest of the gummies’ ingredients. Perhaps the rest of the ingredients have amazing health benefits that would outweigh the sugar content?

Unfortunately, not. Green gummies are similar to capsules. They just don’t give you enough nutrients, especially for the size of them. There’s simply not as many grams of the ingredients that you would need to make them effective. To show you this is the easiest way possible, we compared the nutrient density of 8Greens Gummies and SuperGreen TONIK.

We have taken a look at 8Greens Gummies and checked the gummy serving size compared to SuperGreen TONIK.

With 8Greens Gummies, you will be consuming 688mg, and with SuperGreen TONIK you will consume 12 grams. This means that you would need to consume 29 8Green Gummies to come anywhere near close to the amount of nutrient s you would be receiving in one serving of SuperGreen TONIK.

Clearly, there is an extensive amount of difference between the nutrient density between gummies and Super Greens Powders.

Not only do the specific ingredients matter in health supplements, but the amount of the ingredients is crucial too. If you consume the right ingredients, but not the right amount of them, then you will never reap the health benefits attached to them.

Take a look here if you’re interested in figuring out to why ingredient amounts count.

Beware of the sugar content!

As we touched on earlier, green gummies have ridiculously high sugar content. Most gummies contain at least 1gram of sugar per gummy – this therefore quite obviously an unhealthy supplement. Some of the brands that sell green gummies recommended taking up to 12 per day – you could be consuming 12grams or more per day.

This is a really high amount of sugar intake, and that’s before you have even eaten and consumed natural sugars through your diet.

A large sugar intake can be linked to weight gain.

This is completely contradictory to what these green gummies brands are trying to promote – they are trying to tell you that their supplement will aid with weightless and aid your body with strength, mental clarity, and energy. The sugar content is simply far too high for this supplement to do what it says on the branding.

In addition to this, if you do gain weight due to a high intake of sugar, then being overweight comes with an array of health problems. Being overweight can be linked to other health issues like heart disease, type 2 diabetes and even some types of cancers (1).

As well as leading to weight gain, sugar also leads to tooth decay. Natural sugars are a lot less likely to cause tooth decay, so don’t worry when you’re consuming, you’re fruit and vegetables. However, sugars that don’t naturally get released into your system can damage your teeth and cause decay (1).

A lot of people don’t think that green gummies will contain such a high sugar content, especially those that maybe aren’t super clued up on nutrition. The bonus for a lot of people is that gummies taste like candy and so they don’t mind consuming them, they actually enjoy it because it’s like a sugary treat.

Therefore, companies marketing Green Gummies are taking advantage of those that want to use health supplements but don’t have a lot of experience in the market – they are branding themselves as a health and wellbeing brand, but they are providing products to customers that won’t benefit them.

Why gummies are not worth it

Green gummies have risen to fame quickly because not only do they look appealing, because they offer the ease of a small and delicious tasting gummy, but they also look cheap.

On average, for 60 gummies you will be looking to pay between $19 – $45.

In comparison to other health supplements like Greens superfood powders, it makes the gummies look much more cost-effective. People will compare the prices at first glance and choose to purchase green gummies instead of Super Greens powders or any other type of supplements.

However, when you work out the cost per serving size, these green gummies come out a lot more expensive than any other super greens powder or supplement would be, on average. This is especially true when you think about how many gummies these brands are advising you to take every day – up to 12 gummies per day. If you consume this recommended amount, then your new box or tub of green gummies is only going to last you 5 days.

Therefore, even though greens superfood powders look a lot more expensive at first glance – you will be spending a lot more money if you choose to go down the route of taking green gummies. You will also be spending a lot more money on gummies that don’t even benefit your health – this doesn’t seem to make sense to us.

Super greens mound on the table

Tasty Greens Powder Wins

Although green gummies might initially look like a good option to make sure you get your daily greens, the best way to achieve this is by using a Super Greens powder. You might think that Super Greens powder is going to taste horrible, and maybe you would actually prefer to pop a few sugary gummies into your mouth every day.

Firstly, a lot of Super Greens powders can actually taste good. You don’t need to worry about struggling to drink a naturally tasting green concoction – they taste good. We wanted to ensure that SuperGreen TONIK tasted good and looked appealing so that you want to drink the substance and enjoy it too. Therefore, we added stevia leaf extract and mint to our list of fifteen ingredients, ensuring our powder tastes palatable and refreshing.

Secondly, you might need to ask yourself why you want to use a superfood supplement if you are thinking about consuming green gummies. Surely the whole reason that you want to take a health benefitting supplement is to actually receive the health benefits?

By choosing a sweet-tasting green gummy, you are not positively affecting your health. In addition to this, as I mentioned earlier, you will also not be benefiting your wallet.

Overall, it’s clear that tasty Super Greens powders come out on top when compared to green gummies. However, you do need to ensure that you are purchasing your Super Greens powder from a transparent brand that actually adds the correct amount of ingredients into their powder.

Like we mentioned earlier, it’s not only the ingredients that matter, but the amount of them is what makes the difference to whether they are effective or not. Don’t purchase powders from any brands that use propitiatory blends. At SuperGreen TONIK we use fifteen of the highest quality ingredients at exactly the right amounts to be effective, whilst ensuring the powder tastes great and is cost-effective.

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