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Sleep is a complex beast at the best of times. It's incredible how something simple yet fundamental to quality of life is so tricky to master.

Exercise, work schedule, and cell phone use are just some of the factors that hurt sleep quality. Improving sleep quality has knock-on effects on other areas in your life, such as boosting productivity and increasing your energy.

Sleep benefits

SuperGreen TONIK can be your answer to getting a great nights sleep helping you to feel better prepared for the day ahead.

The Top 5 Sleep-Enhancing Nutrients In SuperGreen TONIK

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    Stress Buster + Faster Sleep times

    Ashwagandha is one of the most healing adaptogenic herbs that you can find. Ashwagandha directly supports the central nervous system and helps mitigate stress, both of which can affect the quality of your sleep. Research has also shown the supplementing with Ashwagandha may help lower blood sugar levels, strengthen your immune system and help with insomnia. Ashwagandha contains high levels of the plant compound trimethylene glycol that has been linked to faster sleep induction times.

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    Rhodiola Root:

    Balances the body + Improves Sleep

    Rhodiola has been used for millennia and was first used by the Vikings for its strength and endurance supporting properties, but since then, we've learned Rhodiola does a lot more than just boost strength. Rhodiola plays an integral part in balancing systems in the body that are out-of-whack, such as sleep. Research has also suggested that Rhodiola may help people suffering from depression and insomnia.

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    Boosts GABA + Improved Sleep

    L-theanine is responsible for elevating levels of GABA along with dopamine and serotonin. Why is this important? Apart from being responsible for regulating concentration, these chemicals work tirelessly in the brain to regulate emotions, mood, and sleep. L-theanine boosts the levels of these chemicals, promoting relaxation and improving sleep quality. L-theanine also stimulates the release of certain chemicals that help with feelings of calmness; these chemicals may also be related to fighting against age-related disease.

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    Bacopa Leaves:

    Stress Buster + Improved Sleep

    Anxiety, fear, and constant worrying play havoc on your circadian rhythms, and this is where bacopa comes to the fore; its anti-stress properties allow the muscles to relax and provide for a good night's sleep. Bacopa has been shown to help combat stress and anxiety, both of which play a critical role in sleep quality. Bacopa's effect is called "anxiolytic," which in lay-mans terms means its "anti-anxiety." Increased levels of stress and anxiety play a significant role in sleep quality; Bacopa allows your body to fight stress, thus drastically improving sleep..

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    Moringa Leaf:

    Quality Sleep + Improved Digestion

    Moringa is an adaptogenic herb that has several benefits on the body, including improving sleep quality. For those who regularly supplement with Moringa, the effects have been drastic. Moringa improves digestion and reduces inflammation, both of which are known to have adverse effects on the quality of your sleep. Research has also shown that supplementing with Moringa helps control irregular blood sugar levels, contributing to insomnia.

Ingredients that Support Your Energy

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Moringa Leaf

Moringa Leaf

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I'm a 56 year old male who works the midnight shift. I take it before work in the evening. It enhances my energy; waking me up but not in a caffeinated way and provides me with a calm clarity and overall good feeling. I plan on continuing to use Super Greens Tonik as I feel it's the best green product on the market and I truly notice the positive way it impacts my health and life. †

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