Increased health and well-being


Increased longevity by improving cholesterol and cardiovascular health

What does it mean to stay healthy?

Most people would answer, physically fit, but in fact, staying healthy encompasses much more than that. Staying healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally all contribute to your overall health and well-being.

Self-esteem and a positive attitude are integral to not only your life but also those around you.

Health benefits

SuperGreen TONIK is jam-packed with 22 vitamins and minerals in each serving, getting you one step closer to that SUPERHUMAN you.

The Top 5 health and well-being ingredients In SuperGreen TONIK

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    Vitamin C:

    Boost Immunity + Younger Looking Skin

    Vitamin C is what we refer to as an essential vitamin, which means our bodies can not produce it naturally. Vitamin C has exceptionally high levels of antioxidants that help eliminate nasty free radicals from the body, protecting it against disease. Antioxidants are also responsible for boosting the immune system. In some studies, supplementing with Vitamin C may increase your antioxidants levels by as much as 30%. Vitamin C also plays a critical role in other areas such as eye and skin health and helps the body fight against inflammation..

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    Vitamin B-12:

    Increases Mood + Bone Health

    Vitamin B-12 plays a significant role in assisting the body to generate red blood cells. Deficient vitamin B-12 leads to decreased red blood cell levels and prevents the cells from forming perfectly. Sustaining sufficient levels of vitamin B-12 has also been shown to support bone health by increasing mineral density, helping to mitigate osteoporosis. Vitamin B-12 has also been shown to improve your mood by synthesizing serotonin, a vital chemical that helps regulate mood. Research has also suggested that supplementing with Vitamin B-12 improves the symptoms of people suffering from depression..

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    Vitamin A:

    Improves Eye Sight + Helps Cell Growth

    As you age, one of the first things to fail is your eyesight. Vitamin A plays an essential role in eye health. It does this by transforming light that hits your eye into electrical signals sent to the brain. Deficiency in Vitamin A can also lead to night blindness. Vitamin A is crucial when it comes to cell growth and development, and its possible influence on cancer has caught the eye of researchers. Supplementing with higher levels of Vitamin A has shown positive effects on lung cancer and Lymphoma.

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    Overall Health + Improves Digestion + Increases Metabolism

    Zinc plays numerous important roles within your body and promotes overall health and longevity. As a matter of fact, after iron, zinc is the second most abundant mineral in your body. Zinc plays a significant role in improving digestion, mitigating the replication of harmful viruses, improves nerve health, and increases metabolism, helping you burn those extra calories. Zinc is also integral for skin health. Deficient levels of zinc can also adversely affect your sense of taste and smell.

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    High Nutrient Count + Low In Calories

    Spirulina is a superfood, more specifically algae, that is absolutely jam-packed with essential nutrients. A fun fact is that spirulina first gained popularity when scientists at NASA suggested it could be grown in space and help feed astronauts. Spirulina contains protein, Vitamin B1, B2, copper, iron, and sufficient levels of potassium and manganese. One tablespoon contains a minuscule 20 calories and only 2 grams of carbohydrates. The protein in spirulina is of the highest BV Quality, comparable to the protein found in eggs, and contains numerous amino acids that play an essential role in overall health.

Ingredients that Support Your Energy

Here’s a few of the ingredients in SuperGreen TONIK with nutrients that support your health

Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B-12

Vitamin A

Vitamin A





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Other Health Benefits

More energy


Boosted immune system


Reduced anxiety


Increased focus and concentration


Better sleep


Weight management


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Melanie Testimonial

"Increased energy and focus"

Starting my mornings with this shake has given me increased energy and focus. I love the minty flavor 🙂 I’m excited to see the continued benefits! †

– Melanie, USA

Jim Testimonial

"Calm clarity and overall good feeling"

I'm a 56 year old male who works the midnight shift. I take it before work in the evening. It enhances my energy; waking me up but not in a caffeinated way and provides me with a calm clarity and overall good feeling. I plan on continuing to use Super Greens Tonik as I feel it's the best green product on the market and I truly notice the positive way it impacts my health and life. †

– Jim, USA

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