7 Tasty Twists to Spice Up Any Super Green Supplement

Tasty super green mixing ideas

Super greens have been racking up an impressive reputation in the supplements world. The idea of a powder that’s power-packed with vegetable nutrients, digestive enzymes, and probiotics is no doubt appealing. But the mish-mash of ingredients doesn’t exactly sound too palatable and unfortunately, some super greens can taste downright bad.

The good thing is we don’t have to settle for hold our breaths and chug our green powders down with some water while simultaneously fighting our gag reflex — not when there are so many ways we can mix up our super greens, be it in drinks or in food.

You don’t get this problem with SuperGreen TONIK though as the refreshing mint taste makes it super easy to drink!

Here are seven ways to take your daily dose of super greens to a tastier level

1. Juice

The simplest way to make your super greens taste better is to simply dissolve the powder in juice instead of water. It’s definitely safe and there’s no need to worry about adverse chemical reactions taking place that could harm your health. Though if there’s one thing to take note of, it’s in your best interest to select a decently healthy juice.

We’re not talking about the carton-packed, added-sugar stuff stacked up at the supermarket. If you’re even taking super green supplements, you probably care about your health so make sure your supplement mixer isn’t a high-calorie one or it’s going to defeat the whole point of trying to eat more healthily. For best bets, blend your own juice with fresh fruits and pass on the sugar.

2. Smoothie

Smoothies are one of the most common super green blends because they’re healthy and a great way to digest the supplement without tasting it. Plus, you can easily make them at home and customize them however you like.

To maximize the nutritional value of your super green shake, make your smoothie with whole food ingredients such as fresh veggies (carrots and spinach always make a great idea) and fruits.

Some additional ways to mask the super green powder’s taste and make your smoothie more delicious? Add milk, Greek yogurt, and nut butter. Don’t forget to pick the healthiest alternative options, such as soy milk rather than full-fat milk, and unsaturated butter instead of the normal kind.

3. Tea

We’ve all heard of the wonderful health benefits of various teas, and adding super greens to teas gets you the best of both worlds. Some of the best ideas for a super green enhancing tea include the probiotic-rich and low-fat kombucha, as well as the minty and refreshing peppermint tea.

Out of the entire spectrum of teas, you can consider, green tea definitely takes the cake as the best tea to dissolve your super greens in. This is because of both its lusciously fragrant, floral-scented taste that hides the powdery scent of the super greens well, as well as the fact that it’s a really great tea for boosting metabolism and helping with weight loss. Green tea pretty much upgrades the existing benefits of super greens, so it’s easily the one mixer that will never go wrong.

Four tasty smoothies

4. Mocktail

Oh yeah, you read that right. Superfood mocktails are a thing and there’s no reason they won’t make a great solution to dissolve your green powders in. All you need to do is first dissolve your green powder in a base such as juice or tea, and then spice it up with garnishes such as berries, citrus fruits, and of course, the crowd favorite — chia seeds.

Some of the best recipes we’ve tried include a sangria-inspired mocktail, made with black tea, orange juice, and pomegranate juice, as well as an avocado margarita made by throwing avocado into a blender together with lime juice and sea salt.

P.S. some of the more innovative super green brands out there actually do have flavored powders so take this into consideration when mixing your mocktails. For example, SuperGreen TONIK’s powders already include mint in their ingredient list so your drink will already have that refreshing kick.

5. Mix with salads

Super greens, as the name suggests, feature veggie-based ingredients to supplement tour nutritional intake which often occurs when we don’t consume enough vegetables. One of the biggest advice that most super green brands give is that the powders don’t substitute fresh vegetables in your diet — you still need your greens.

Not all of us are veggie lovers or have the luxury of time to plan and cook elaborate meals. Salads are among the simplest options for getting more greens in our diet, and you can definitely give your regular salad a mega upgrade with some super green garnish.

Since salads are usually served cold, you don’t have to worry about heat affecting the green powder’s nutritional content. Just sprinkle the powder over your salad or better yet, mix it directly into your dressing to disguise the powder’s taste.

6. Mix it into dips

Snacking is a guilty indulgence of many people, but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. There are tons of ideas for healthy snacks, such as dipping cut fruits or veggies into healthy dips — which are a great option to mix your super green powders into. Simply transform your avocado mash or yogurt into super green-concentrated dips and you can make snacking an activity that benefits both your mood and health.

7. Stir into soups

A final idea for spicing up your regular super green drink is to mix the powders into soups instead. Soup is a great way to mask any unpleasant powdery tastes and also get some healthy food in your system. Do bear in mind that heating super greens too much can affect its nutritional properties, so it’s probably safer to let the soup cool down before you mix the powders in.

Lots of Ways to Mis your Super Greens!

So there you have it — seven simple ways to make your super green experience so much more pleasant. Super greens make such great nutritional supplements that it would be a waste to discount them because of their taste, and thankfully there’s a whole realm of possibility for you to get creative with how you mix your super greens.

We will be releasing some super tasty green powder recipes for SuperGreen TONIK soon – come back soon!

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