10 Steps to Beat “Life” and be Healthy

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“I will start exercising tomorrow, it’s already quite late today”. Do you catch yourself thinking that often?

Well, this is a problem experienced by many because exercising seems to have become a social expectation rather than personal motivation. This mindset is further aggravated by the hustle and bustle of our own daily lives.

However, we are here to share with you today on how we can improve from this in spite of all that!

1. Work with a reason

One of the most important start to getting up and getting fit depends largely on what we are doing it for. In modern society, pristine conditions and looks remain at the top of our expectations, and that often guilt trips people into working out. Otherwise, they would seem like a dysfunctional group of people.

However, this is not effective reasoning because it is only temporary and you will always be doing it for someone else. The rationale behind working out should only be for yourself. And when it’s for yourself, you can’t afford to be vague either.

So, have specific reasons as to why you want to work out. What do you want to get out of it?

2. Slow and steady wins the race

The next important step after getting your reason is to set straight your expectations. At the get-go, we would always be motivated to do more than our bodies can handle. However, this is also not viable in the long run because if you force yourself to do so much at the start, your body may not be able to cope and you may not even want to continue because it becomes mentally taxing. So, it is not a sin to start off at a good pace.

Plan your routines with breaks in between, breaks that are comfortable for you.

3. Love and know yourself

In order to do the above, this third tip is extremely important. It is also important so that you know how you best function. With moral support? With verbal encouragement? Knowing these would help go a long way.

Knowing all these help you to understand yourself better mentally because no one else is able to know the mental fatigue that you could feel.

This then helps you to best plan realistic activities to accomplish.

4. Work around your daily activities

Speaking of activities, it does not have to be strictly constrained to going to the gym or going for a run. It can be simple things like walking or cycling to work if the distance is manageable, or even opting for the stairs instead of the elevators. If you can find activities that help you keep fit and also accomplish other goals, that would be the best.

This is because it becomes more effective to do that specific activity more since you reap more benefits from it now.

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5. Devise a plan

So, with the above four tips, it is time to write up a plan. More often than not, people who are inconsistent with keeping fit is because they neglect to take into account other commitments or rather prioritize commitments that seem more important than keeping fit.

As such, devising a plan would help you to list out all the problems and you can re-list these problems according to their priority.

6. Plan it efficiently and effectively

Looking at all the fitness videos and reviews these days, there is this misconception that more is always good. When in actual fact, less can be more too as long as you plan an appropriate routine. Working out does not mean you have to commit to it for more than an hour, if you are pressed for time, even a 15-minutes workout can be good.

However, if you have the time to go for more, please feel free to plan for longer sessions.

7. Review and revise

There is no one fit solution, especially for working out. What may work for others may not work for you, there is no workout regime that is tailored to the needs of everybody. This is something that you have to recognize in your journey towards fitness. Here is where a lot of trial and error will come into play.

So, don’t get demoralized when the work out is not suitable, it just means you have to change your approach.

8. Pants loosen the pants

So, we know what to expect with planning an exercise routine, and what to look out for, but how do we tell when we are really putting in the work? When you get to panting after performing the workout. This is when you know your heart is really working and pumping to get the oxygen circulated throughout your body.

So, even if it’s a simple day to day activities like gardening or housework, if it gets you breathless and hot, you know you are doing it right.

9. Humans do have limits, know those limits

Of course, given the previous tip, it doesn’t mean that you should go all out because that is just a general observation of a good work out. However, do take note of any illnesses that you may have and not disregard that because we do have limits. Especially when the illness has something to do with any parts lower than the neck, and it affects your breathing.

Take note of your body’s signals to you when you are not in the appropriate condition and take it slower.

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10. Discipline with four days

Other than times for when you are experiencing or recovering from an illness or any unexpected emergencies, one good gauge is to not let four days past without getting an exercise in. Feel free to adjust the rule according to your body’s needs as this is a general rule and not one that is fit for everyone.

So, this rule also entails that if you know you have a busy week ahead, it would do good to plan your work out such that, not more than four days will fill the interval between the current and next work out.

Execution is the answer!

These are all pretty simple ideas but execution can be tricky!

The trick is to stop making excuses and start challenging yourself to something new and different.

Making small changes to your lifestyle to make your health and yourself more of a priority is something we should all be doing.

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